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Welcome to a very 'rough-and'ready' website for the Community of Wideopen in North Tyneside

At the moment, this is a new idea. Whether it gets off the ground and serves a purpose is up to the people of Wideopen. The hope is that it will gather together, in one digital location, information about Wideopen, aiming to promote the facilities, events, opportunities in the Wideopen area and provide a service to local residents.

The menu on the left currently has limited content as it is an initial list of what could be included on this website. It will need the help of people in and around Wideopen to set up and offer that content and information.

Until we see where this might go, it is hosted on Wideopen Football Club website purely because it is being looked after by the same person who keeps their website up-to-date. Eventually, if it is of interest and successful, the aim would be to find a sponsor who will fund it's own domain name (www.??????) and the Internet hosting (any sponsorship volunteers?).

Have you got ideas? Could you share your memories of Wideopen? Can you help with any information for the people of Wideopen? Perhaps you'd like to advertise your business on here?

Get in touch by emailing info@wideopenfc.net


Local History and Heritage

In 2015 John Daniels from the Tyne and Wear Heritage Forum hosted an interactive talk at Wideopen Library.  John's presentation focused on a drawing of Wideopen Colliery done by TW Hair about 175 years ago.

There was a very good turn out for this even and it sparked quite a lot of interest and responses. A few people had brought along photographs and research they had already done themselves.

The research done by students at Seaton Burn College with the help of Lottery Funding which resulted in the creation of a heritage trail and a website (www.seatonburnmemories.com) was mentioned as an example of what can be done.

The major outcome was the suggestion that a small local history group was formed. After several meeting and a lot of research they created 3 information boards which, with the help of Bellway Homes and North Tyneside Council, were placed along the waggonway. Tyne & Wear Heritage Forum presented the group with an award in recogntion of their work on phase 1.

The Wideopen Waggonway Local History and Heritage group was born! We'd like to create a sister website to Seaton Burn Memories (Wideopen Memories) and merge the two and include the community website idea.

The plan is to do more. This will hopefully include more information boards providing information about Wideopen Quarry, East Wideopen Farm, the round houses (possibly from the Bronze Age) found by archaeologists during the Bellway excavations and the huge Coal Preparation Plant that was adjacent to the pit heap now part of Weetslade Country Park. The plans are even more ambitious, for example

it is hoped that the bridge which the waggonway crosses can undergo some restoration

Northumberland Wildlife trust, who maintain Weetslade Country park, will work with the group

Silhouettes of a pit pony and tubs, and miners and children walking to Wideopen Colliery will be installed along the waggonway

Very excitingly, this will all become the first part of a Miners' Heritage Trail, supported by North Tyneside Council, following the waggonway all the way down to where the staithes were when coal was transported to the Tyne.

For this to happen, the group is looking for more members. Could you get involved? Perhaps you've got memories to share, or you can help with research. Could you help writing bids for funding? You may have skills to form a committee? Everyone is welcome.

Watch out for news of presentations to spread the word about what is happening. Or if you are interested and want to get involved now, email info@wideopenfc.net.


For now, if you wish to get in touch, please e-mail wcw@wideopenjuniors.net