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Tuesday 5-6pm
Match Report

Sunday 13th December 2020: U7 Meteors v. Forest Hall Reds

The Meteors started the game with Harry in goal, Charlie, Seb, Alfie and Zack. Forest Hall kicked off and it was obvious to see that the Meteors were there for business and were straight out the starting blocks. It was not long into the game and the chances were getting created. Each time Forest Hall kicked the ball out the Meteors were all over them and won it back not giving them anytime on the ball. The Meteors have the energy of Leeds United.
Seb won the ball in his own half and drove forward looking like he was possessed by the late Maradona. Unfortunately Maradona left just at the finish and the strike hit the post.
Just when you’re starting to think it’s going to be one of those days when the Meteors will regret the missed opportunities Seb struck the ball low into the corner of the net.
The Meteors looked very comfortable now, passing the ball nicely with Charlie leading from the back. Alfie saw his chance to break leaving the defender behind and confidently knocked it past the keeper. From the kick-off the Meteors won the ball back and quick
passes and a through-ball set Alfie free again. As the keeper came out Alfie found Zack who took his opportunity to tap the ball into the empty net.
Forest Hall started to venture into the Meteor’s half with a couple of half chances that Harry had no bother dealing with and being rather happy with the action to warm up a bit.
Harry chose the longer ball from goal out to the right, the defender committed and missed it, leaving Alfie to break away again towards goal. Alfie showed a cool head and a skilful finish beyond his years.
Craig using his options of rotation switched the players around for the remainder of the half with Charlie going up-front to get in on the action, Alfie moving into defence and Ethan coming on for Zack. Wideopen kept creating chances and it was not long before Charlie was given his opportunity from just inside the box with a beautiful strike hard and low right in the corner of the goal.
The second half started with Charlie in goal, Harry, Seb, Ethan and Zack. Wideopen kicked off and it was clear to see that Ethan was ready to put his stamp on the game, running up and down the wing with the ball, creating chances for himself and his team
It wasn’t not long into the half when Seb was played through by Zack, he powered towards goal taking his 2nd.
Forest Hall began to push forward looking for a goal. With Harry at the back and support from Seb they dealt with the threat comfortably.
Seb made a fantastic challenge with Forest Hall committed forward and passed the ball to Harry. Harry saw the space left and drove into the opposition half. He shot from outside the box hitting the underside of the bar and just like Frank Lampard against Germany was denied a goal. Another argument for bringing VAR to the U7’s league.
At this stage, the Meteors really started to show their skill and extra fitness. Ethan was on fire on the wing. He controlled the ball just inside the box and on the half-volley smashed the ball in perfect form across the keeper. This was a strong shout early for goal of the season. What a goal.
Alfie came on for Seb - what a game the young man had, he’s worked his socks off. Alfie got right back into it. Very confident on the ball and loving every opportunity to take on the opposition. He ran from the left towards the goal leaving 2 players in his wake. With only the goal keeper to beat Alfie took his hat-trick in style passing the ball neatly into the corner leaving the keeper no chance.
Again Craig used his options to keep Forest Hall guessing. Harry was pushed forward with Zack dropping into defence.
The boys didn’t let up and kept pushing forward, their fitness levels extremely high. Ethan got the ball on the wing as Harry drove into the box taking the defender with him. Zack was in the open and with a cross-field ball from Ethan it was another chance. Zack showed great composure and hit the ball hard and low into the net - the keeper had no chance.
The boys shooting boots were definitely on and Forest Hall had a tough day.
The Meteors have gelled together perfectly. For this being only their second game you could have been easily fooled into thinking the boys had been together years. Talking to each other on the field, pass-and-move play and every blade of grass covered.
The Wideopen Meteors have laid down the challenge to the rest of the league and, with play and hard work like today, will give any team a run for their money.
Well done The Meteors!!!

(Games are played at Cochrane Park)
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